Tandragee Main 275/110KV Substation – Installation of a new 110KV AIS bay – Part 1

High level overview

One of Knox Electricals’ current projects for NIE Networks is the installation of a 110KV bay within the existing Tandragee Main 275/110KV Substation, works also consist of installation of a new 110KV AIS Substation at Mullavilly to facilitate the large scale connection of a 50MVA battery storage system for G2 Energy Ltd.

Preparation of the 110KV AIS bay for installation works.

Pre-outage installation works of the Hapam Busbar Selector Isolator – to reduce outage timeframes and reduce working at height.

Installation of Line Isolator with integral Maintenance Earth Switch & Line Earth Switch.

Preparation works associated with installation of a Live Tank ABB LTB 72.5-170D1/B Circuit -Breaker.

High level Busbar Selector Isolator with integral Maintenance Earth Switch support steelwork being craned into position under outage conditions.

Installation of PFIFFNER 110KV Current Transformers.

Installation complete of high-level support steelwork with Busbar Selector Isolator including integral Maintenance Earth Switch.